Inspired by New York graffiti of the 1970s, stencil art is a form of street art, or urban art as it is often called, which has sprung up all over the globe in the last two decades. Now a respected art movement and refined art-form, it has long moved off the streets and into galleries and art spaces.Urban Art Agenda brings together some of the most prolific stencil artists from around the world in an unique showcase, presented by PinXit Arts & Events Management and curated by JD Mittmann, director of FamousWhenDead Gallery.

The exhibition features works by A1one (Tehran), David Soukup (Chicago), ELK (Canberra), El Moocho (Melbourne), HaHa (Melbourne), Izolag (Salvador), Jana and JS (Salzburg), Jef Aerosol (Lille), Kenji Nakayama (Boston), Mandarina Brausewetter (Vienna), Orticanoodles (Milan), Ozi (São Paulo), Penny (London), XOOOOX (Berlin).

The first two instalments of UrbanArtAgenda were presented in 2007 in Shed 4 at the Melbourne Docklands as part of International Design Festival and in Perth as part of the Alphabet City Festival at the ArtRage Complex.

UrbanArtAgenda#3 was launched at the Art Gallery of Ballarat in July and will now be shown in Melbourne as part of the Fringe Festival and before touring to Sydney and Brisbane in October and September.

UrbanArtAgenda#3 will also be presented as part of the Art & About Festival in Sydney 1 – 24 October.

24 settember 2009  – 11 October 2009 

FamousWhenDead Gallery
207 Victoria St