“DeeVaar” means Wall in Persian language.this is the name i chose for a One hour long Documentary.This is an insider documentary from my view point,trying to clarify the answer to some questions regarding graffiti and street art in IRAN.making this video is the result of 10 years of recording videos in streets -illegally- to capture some original graffiti bombing and street art actions by Iranian writers and street Artists.I do not aim to enter into mainstream market or festivals but trying to show it in Independent or educational venues. http://www.kolahstudio.com/dvr

Deevaar is an Iranian Insider Graffiti Documentary aiming to show the real prospective of what the graffiti scene in Iran is like. What the Artists and graffiti kids think about themselves and what they are doing and how they are being recognized from outside. The shooting of the footages for this film started in 2009 ,although you may still see some of the older footages in this Video.